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The GE Vscan portable ultrasound device sells for $7900

This new tool allows for a quick and more accurate diagnosis at the examination point. Physicians can now be equipped with a pocket size tool that (unlike the stethoscope) gives them a visual look inside the body through the use of ultrasound.

This device can quickly pinpoint critical conditions such as fluid around the heart and others that will require immediate attention. Not only does this speed diagnosis and improve accuracy and cut down on referrals, but this tool can travel for humanitarian and missions work around the globe

We are fans of this new product because of it's ability to transform health services around the globe. We are not associated with GE Healthcare and do not receive any commission or referral dollars, just want to get word out to our friends on this great innovation.

Wouldn't it be nice if GE Vscan was available as an App in the iTunes store? An app for ultrasound? The interfacing of an ultrasound probe with a the iPhone is in the works, but the certification and security components are the hold up that will take this until 2014 or beyond to be licensed for physician (only) approved usage in the U.S. (plus I'm not sure the app store is set up to handle transactions > $5000)

Pricing for the GE Vscan:

This equipment is sold directly through GE Healthcare and is not available new from any other equipment dealers. Pricing for the Mid 2011 quarters is set at:

1 - 3 units - $7,900 per unit (additional battery and charger are an additional $145.00 onto the $7,900 per unit)
4 - 9 units - $7,600 per unit
10+ units - $7,000 per unit
Includes: scanner and probe, docking station/USB, 4Gig MicroSD memory card, 1 Rechargeable Battery, Global adapter, case, online training, Vscan gateway software, bottle of Gel (60g)

The delivery time for the Vscans is approximately 2 weeks.

Enjoy the Let's Take A Look commercial from GE ...


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