Fire Safety Week 2011:October 9-15

Theme Brainstorming Results

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We love what the NFPA is doing to promote fire safety and prevention with kids, so our team at Theme Builders came up with ways for you to Engage the students and help them remember the important aspects of fire prevention and safety.

We believe that in order to draw students into your fire prevention week training program it is by creating an immersive experience that activates their 5 senses helping them engage, ponder, and forever remember.
Note: We are not affiliated with the NFPA in any way and do not sell their material, but are here to pass along free ideas, Prop and equipment suggestions, and themeing ideas to help you create a fresh reminder for students to stay safe with fire.



Provide visual realistic looking fake fires. We have found that the indoor campfires make a great burning trash can (Under $100 last I checked) when the LED flame unit is inserted into the base of a garbage can. These are great for smoke trailers to add a safe and real looking fire to have on the other side of a smoking door. This will create about a 16" flame that gives off a lot of flickering light in the darkened room (works in daylight too)

Another idea to upgrade your smoke trailer is to add electric radiant heat panels to a door to have it heat up to help the students know the realistic feel of a warm door and how to touch the wood part before the door handle.

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..we will keep you posted on more ideas coming soon.



 Where is Sparky the Fire Dog?