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Why I am considering upgrading to the new Prince eXo3 racquet.

As there has been much secrecy and hype around the new prince energy bridge and energy leading up to the '09 Australian open, I decided to do a little homework for all of us and share it online for you. This is a collection of press release information, patent details, player reviews and my own personal opinions as a player. I refuse to take advertising $'s from the manufacturers for this page and this site is not endorsed by Prince Sports, inc.

In our desire to get the edge on our opponents....

Prince claims that the "EXO3 delivers up to 26% more energy back into the ball" --This is what I need! Some of their other claims on the new racquets include:
Close-up Prince Energy EXO3

83% Larger Sweet Spot
26% Increase in spin
50% frame vibration reduction
25% more control (not sure how they measure that in the laboratory!)

A large percentage of the strings on this racquet ( 77% claimed by the manufacturer) never come into contact with the frame but instead absorb the energy of the ball and "re-transmit" it back more efficiently creating increased spin and power. See Video

for the press release from Prince on January 5, 2009 click here

 Pricing ranges from $199 for the Graphite and Rebel versions and the Silver and RED are around $299 and won't be available until Feb. 2009.
Want to see videos of the exo3? check out these
Video of the Rebel version
Video of the Silver version

GaelMonfils and his EXO3 prince racquet
In November '08 Gael Monfils signed on and will be playing in the Australian Open with his "Prince Energy"

For Fun:

If you live in Iowa like my brother Walt, then you may find that this nice of a racquet isn't necessary!